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Lily Zhu (5 stars)
August 2017

Dr. Urteaga is very professional and personable. I had my upper two wisdom teeth removed, and the process was smooth and involved very limited pain with proper treatments and verbal encouragement from Dr. Urteaga. Highly recommended.

Elliott K (5 stars)
July 2017

Great family dentistry! The dentists are very professional and truly care about their patient’s comfort and needs. The dental hygienists are friendly and gentle with the water pick. The location is convenient and easy parking with validation. They have state-of-the-art equipment and a pleasant design to their office. I’ve been going to them for over a year and intend to stick with them as long as I live in Northern Virginia.

Alessandra Richards (5 stars)
June 2017

Today was my first visit to Dental Devotion. It was such a terrific experience. I went in for a routine cleaning. The office is very beautiful and calm. All of the equipment looked brand new, including the chairs which had very subtle built-in massagers. I was so relaxed. Looking forward to going back in 6 months.

Joan Rothenberg (5 stars)
June 2017

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the office from start to finish. Everything was carefully explained, and time was provided for me to ask any questions about the findings or procedures. It was one of the most painless experiences I have had at a dental office.

Jessie Brown (5 stars)
Nov. 18, 2015

I recently visited Dr. Movaghari (aka: Dr. Mo.) for my routine visit; this was my first time at her new office, as well, and I was VERY impressed! Aside from the treatment (which was amazing, she’s incredibly gentle and she explained everything before starting), the office literally feels like a spa when you walk in (perfect for those who have severe dental anxiety). She, literally, goes out of her way to make you feel at home during your entire apt. I have been a patient of Dr. Mo’s for about 6 years now and will continue to see her for my invisalign treatment, as well! I would also like to recognize her staff – they were so friendly and very helpful! Her assistant was very attentive and her front desk associate was very accommodating when helping me schedule my apt! Thank you everyone for making my experience nothing short of amazing! Looking forward to my first invisalign appointment!

Jason Gropper (5 stars)

The care and personal attention given by this dental practice is second to none. I had some work done that could have been unpleasant but had no pain or discomfort. I really like the fact they have a modern office with the best equipment. I started bringing my children here too. They like the built in movie monitors in each dental chair and the massage. Thanks again to Drs. Mo and Urteaga!

Cenan Pulak (5 stars)

If you are looking for a top notch passionate dentist that really cares about you, then Dr. Movaghari is the one. My whole family has been going to her for some time. When we found out that she available at our previous dental office my wife was very upset. She was determined to find where she had moved to and in the end she found her. She is a wonderful caring and the most polite, gentle and knowledgeable dentist that I have met. Highly recommend and will not disappoint!

Eduardo Castro (5 stars)

It was by far the best dentist experience I have ever had. Not only they had state of the art equipment with chairs that give you a light massage while you are getting work done but the procedure went smooth and painless. The doctor was very professional, kind and caring. You can really feel the positive vibe from the moment you enter the office. I will definitely recommend this practice to everyone.

Ashley Laitano (5 stars)

I am usually too mortified to go to the dentist let alone keep up with any single treatment. I know that I needed a lot of dental work but the thought of the drill and the cost associated with the procedure always had me going in the opposite direction. Dr. Movaghari made my dental experience wonderful. Her kindness, passion, and professionalism for what she does captivated me enough to want to continue my work. Even though I knew that I had a lot of work to get done it was the first time I never even thought of cancelling any appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Movaghari and Dr. Urteaga. The experience in Dental Devotion is truly unlike no other. Thank you for keeping me on track and fixing these teeth of mine!

Hronn Pulak (5 stars)

Dr. Movaghari is an excellent dentist, the best I have had and they have been few over the years. She is very caring, gentle and makes sure you feel no pain. She is very knowledgeable, takes her time and explains well what is going on. She is kind, friendly and easy to talk to. The family followed her when she moved to her new office as we had found the best dentist. The office is very nice, light, fresh and comfortable.

Christian Palomino (5 stars)
Sept. 19, 2016

Very nice place. very friendly. And very thorough in explaining X-rays and costs. they use computer screen and explain you What x-rays reveals. My 6 year old had his Dentist visit and was very relaxed as Dr. Urteaga cleaned his teeth and did the dental exam.

Justine Caguicla (5 stars)

One of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had at the dentist! They are prompt, incredibly friendly, and talk you through the entire check-up/procedure. Unlike my previous experiences with dentists, no part of my appointment felt rushed or hurried. Saturday appointment slots are also a plus! Highly recommend their services!

stephanie martinez (5 stars)

They are both professional and so nice!! I was extremely nervous to go to a dentist but Dr. Movaghari is the sweetest and so patient. She is also very gentle which I don’t think I’ve ever had such a gentle dentist. They’re just great!

Sandy Ho (5 stars)

Going to the dentist is something I’ve always dreaded but I had such a good experience at Dental Devotion. I had to a couple fillings and my wisdom teeth taken out and Dr. Urteaga made sure the experience was a seamless as possible. I highly recommend!

alex ferry (5 stars)

They both were great at their jobs and kind and careful, asked questions made sure that I was conferrable in they did a great job on my teeth. I would recommended others to them.

Marcene Jack (5 stars)

First impression is always the lasting impression. I was truly satisfied with my experience and has since referred a few co-workers.


Fredrik E. (5 stars)
Aug. 3, 2017

Had a great first visit with Dental Devotion! It was by far the most comfortable dentists appointment I have ever had, and the dentist took time and care to explain all procedures and address any questions I had.

Laura F. (5 stars)
May 4, 2017

As a new patient going in for a cleaning, my first impression and experience was stress-free after a stressful commute on the metro.
I gave the office a quick call letting them know I had taken the wrong metro line and would be cutting it close to my appointment. They were understanding  and made me feel relaxed after I arrived a couple minutes late and were able to see me right away.

The staff (front desk, hygenists, dentist) were all friendly, informative and very helpful!

Mo. H., Arlington Va (5 stars)
Sept. 28, 2015

Dr. Movaghari and Dr. Urteaga a real both excellent dentists that genuinely care about their patients. My fiancé and I both are doing our Invisalign with them and have been very happy with the attention to detail. We never feel rushed at their office and the advice includes our lifestyle and what works for us. They give it to us straight with no fluff. This entire office is delightful!

Parisa I.,  Arlington Va (5 stars)
Sept. 19, 2015

We love Dr. Mo and Dr. Urteaga. Mommy likes the massage chair and kids love Netflix! Win win!!
They accept most insurance policies, have the latest technology, and very family friendly.

Juan R., Falls Church, Va (5 stars)
Aug. 11, 2015

Gentle, clean and professional. Their office is very new and well furnished. The dentists are very nice, they seem to care about their patients. They’re very thorough and are always looking to do what’s best for you. Recommended to anyone looking for a dentist that cares about you and wants to do the right thing.

Bethany S., Arlington, Va (5 stars)
July 28, 2015

I had a very positive experience visiting Dental Devotion. Having recently moved, I required a new dentist. I choose Dental Devotion because they accepted my insurance and they were very close. I was pleased that I did. In the past when I’ve visited a dentist I’ve only spent a small amount of time with the actual dentist. The bulk of the time is with a hygienist or an assistant. Most of the time, I’ve been lucky to get ten minutes of face time with the actual dentist. This was not the case with Dental Devotion. The vast majority of the appointment I was able to spend with the dentist. It allowed time for me to think of issues and questions I wouldn’t have been able to think of in a high pressure short meeting with the dentist. He explained things to me clearly and showed me the problems that I had. I would strongly recommend Dental Devotion. They are kind and attentive to their patients. I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to go to another dentist when I leave this area.


Michelle F. (Verified Patient) 5 stars

Best dentist experience I’ve had in a while. Incredibly friendly, helpful, and efficient. Will definitely be returning to Dr. Movaghari as my regular dentist

Richard W. (Verified Patient) 5 stars
Oct. 22,2015

Dr. Mo is truly compassionate

Hronn P. (Verified Patient) 5 stars
Oct. 6, 2015

There was no waiting, my appointment was right on schedule. The office is very clean, light and comfortable. Everyone in the office is very friendly. Dr. Movaghari was very gentle and made sure I felt no pain or discomfort. She is very professional, she showed me on my x-ray and explained in detail everything she was going to do. I highly recommend Dr. Movaghari.

Frank M. (Verified Patient) 5 stars
October 1, 2015

Super clean and extremely new machinery. People are friendly & courteous to your time constraints. The Doctor is gentle handed and does not say “you have to”, but rather gives you options.

Faime G. (Verified Patient) 5 stars


Patrick A. (Verified Patient) 5 stars
Sept. 11, 2015

Dr. Mo has the latest technologies and her care was superb. She took time to explain everything that she saw (on the x-rays and Scan) and did, She is very gentle and caring. I highly recommend her.

Verified Patient. (5 stars)
Sept. 3, 2015

I am a new patient to Dr. Movaghari and I will certainly be returning for future teeth cleans and visits as long as I live in DC. Her office was clean and attractive, and she came out to personally introduce herself before my appointment. She and her staff took great care to gently clean my teeth – I never felt any discomfort and pain, feelings which I normally associate with dental appointments given prior experiences. I would recommend Dr. Movaghari to my family and friends.

Pontea A. (Verified Patient) 5 stars
Aug. 18, 2015

Dr. Movaghari is very empathetic and concerned about the comfort of her patients. I have always felt great anxiety in visiting a dentist, but she is very patient and gentle. I had a great experience with her. I highly recommend her.